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Once you have entered the code, you can select the version of the software

The "File" option on the program's main window allows you to browse for a scanned document or browse for an existing PDFThe Options button allows you to specify how many pages you want to scan

sociology pdf

The "Save As" window also lets you specify where to save the fileThe program's disk icon on the toolbar lets you select a folder on your computerThe program's "Preview" option is another goodie

sociology pdf

This option allows you to change the default settings, such as contrast and brightness, to improve the quality of the scanned documentYou can also change the type of image displayed

sociology pdf

Create a PDF from Microsoft Word The Microsoft Word application provides users with several ways to convert their documents to PDFs

The process is simpleThis format can be used to create templates, forms, and documents

It also supports equations, charts, and imagesIt is often downloaded in emails

A DOCX file can be converted to PDF format, making it easier to share and printCo-editing a DOCX file is possible, but you will need to use a specific application

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