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40 30 30 meal plans pdf

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This can include the names and values of text fields in the PDF form

Move the selection by doing one of the following: Drag the icon or icons, positioning the arrow directly under the label of the parent bookmarkChoose Cut from the options menu , select the parent bookmark, and then choose Paste Under Selected Bookmark from the options menu

40 30 30 meal plans pdf

Moving a bookmark out of its nested position (left), and the result (right) Moving a bookmark out of its nested position (left), and the result (right) Expand or collapse all top-level bookmarks From the options menu , choose Expand Top-Level Bookmarks or Collapse Top-Level BookmarksAdd tagged bookmarks Tagged bookmarks give you greater control over page content than do regular bookmarksBecause tagged bookmarks use the underlying structural information of the document elements (for example, heading levels, paragraphs, table titles), you can use them to edit the document, such as rearranging their corresponding pages in the PDF or deleting pages

40 30 30 meal plans pdf

If you move or delete a parent tagged bookmark, its children tagged bookmarks are moved or deleted along with itMany desktop publishing applications, such as Adobe InDesign® and Microsoft Word, create structured documents

40 30 30 meal plans pdf

When you convert these documents to PDF, the structure is converted to tags, which support the addition of tagged bookmarks

Converted web pages typically include tagged bookmarksDrag the Marquee Zoom tool to define the area of the page that you want to fill the document pane

(View > Zoom > Marquee Zoom) Drag the Continuous Zoom tool (also called Dynamic Zoom) up to increase the magnification and down to decrease magnification(View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Select & Zoom > Dynamic Zoom) Note: When the Marquee Zoom tool is selected, you can Ctrl-click or Ctrl-drag to zoom out

Holding down Shift switches temporarily from the Marquee Zoom tool to the Dynamic Zoom toolChange the magnification with the Pan & Zoom Window tool Choose View > Zoom > Pan & Zoom, or click the Pan & Zoom tool in the Select and Zoom toolbar

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